Where the Roads End (2004)

Original title: Donde Acaban los Caminos

Based on a novel by Mario Monteforte Toledo.

Tagline: "Aparte son los ladinos, aparte son los naturales".
(From Monteforte Toledo's short story: Dos Caminos Salen del Pueblo).

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When love is not enough... The autobiographical story of Monteforte Toledo - the film's Doctor Zamora - who comes to San Pedro La Laguna (Guatemala) as a young man during the military dictatorship in the first decades of the 20th century. Zamora sets out with great idealism and dedication to erradicate illness among the Indians, even if his work is disapproved by the military commander in town. Zamora falls in love with María, a young Indian girl from a village and he invites her to come live with him in the town of San Pedro. However, other young women have noted the charm of the elegant of Zamora, and even the young idealist doctor cannot escape the conflict between Ladinos (Mestizos or non-Indians) and Indians.


This film is a great achievement for Guatemala. The Spanish tag line translates something like: "Mestizos and Indians are separate and apart", and yes, that's what the film is about.

Although this is predominantly a non-indigenous view of indigenous culture, it is, I think, the first Guatemalan fictional film to deal seriously with the issue of interethnic relations in Guatemala.


Some interesting facts about the film and its reception in Guatemala: Mikkel Møldrup-Lakjer
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