Escuela de la Montaña - The Mountain School

Photo: Peter Sorgenfrei

Letters from former students

"I will take home with me the evening discussions and joking with my family, children playing and hugging me, a deep respect for my instructor Alejandro and his expertise and patience, memories of singing and laughter and deep discussions, and a sense of renewal and re-invigoration."

"Yes man, what a week. A lot of study and work - but it was a pleasure. Hope you remember to put in the rest of the nails in the roof, fix the old nail holes and repair the walls around the roof lumber. Thank you for your good friendship."
Grethe and Mogens

"The people of Nuevo San José have amazed me. Mainly by the fact that they still remain happy, while living in poverty, and their generosity towards both the "strange" students and fellow members of the community. For the first time, I have really understood the concept of community spirit as it certainly exists here."

"I've enjoyed this week immensely thanks so much to everyone! You don't just come to the school, you come to the whole community... that is definitely a highlight!!"

Opdateret d. 28.9.2005

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