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Rough Guide

I recommend Rough Guide to Guatemala (from or as the best travel guide to bring with you to Guatemala. It has all the practical information about hotels and transportation that you will need, but apart from that it gives you many useful insights in the historical, cultural and political context of many localities. The book also has an extensive section with an annotated bibliography of books of fact and fiction about Guatemala. The general sections about history, cultural and recent political events in Guatemala provide very useful information for the traveller who wants to understand what is going on in Guatemala.

There is also the Rough Guide to Central America, available from or, if you want a book that covers the whole of Central America.

Lonely Planet Guide

Some travellers prefer the Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Guatemala (from or or especially the Central America on a Shoestring, available from or

I have used the Lonely Planet Guides during my first travels and with great satisfaction. However, I felt a need to supplement these guides with other readings about such cultural and political context which is provided in the Rough Guides.


Travel map for Guatemala

You can also get the Rough Guide Map: Guatemala and Belize, which is useful for travel and hiking. It is a very good idea to bring a map with you on your journey, as good maps are difficult to find in Guatemala and often rather expensive.

The map is available from or


Travel information

See my Guatemala Travel Web Directory for further travel information.

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