Oh, Canada

Shortly after we returned from Canada in 1989, the Danish national soccer team was to play Canada at Aalborg Stadium, and the arrangers started looking around for people who knew the Canadian national anthem "Oh, Canada".  Since the anthem was on the choir's repertoire, we were invited to lead the singing at the game which was televised to many countries.
   Unfortunately, the sound was recorded by only one microphone which was placed in front of the altos.  Hence those who didn't know the Canadian national anthem, would think that it sounds like the alto part of my four part vocal harmonization of the anthem - a scary thought since I made the alto as harmonic "filling" to the melody.
   The lyrics to the anthem are quite interesting as they do not express the usual romantic eulogies found in most national anthems (Canda is a young country).  Instead, it hails the ones who are willing to toil - the lazy ones may just as well stay away.

April 2001
Erik Moldrup