Suffixes - creators of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs

                      1. Suffixes that indicate a noun:

-al arrival, betrayal, refusal
-ance maintenance, nonchelance
-ence conference, transference
-dom Christendom, kingdon, wisdom
-hood brotherhood, manhood, neighborhood
-ship friendship
-ee nominee, returnee, trainee
-er transformer, transmitter
-ess actress, princess
-ice apprentice, novice, service
-ism fetishism, pessimism, socialism
-ist antagonist, psychiatrist
-ity possibility
-ty liberty, loyalty
-ium auditorium
-ment abridgment, alignment
-ness hopefulness
-or innovator, mediator
-(s)ion depression, suspension
-(t)ion coalition, liberation
-ure expenditure, seizure
-y, -ry irony, sympathy, rivalry
-cy bankruptcy, consistency

                       2. Suffixes that indicate an adjective:

-able disposable, readable
-ible contemptible, irresistible
-al fiscal, nocturnal
-ial custodial, parochial
-ual casual, gradual, manual, visual
-ese Chinese, Portuguese
-ic euphonic, rhapsodic, sporadic, symphonic
-tic aromatic, dogmatic, pathetic, synthetic
-ine bovine, serpentine
-ile ductile, infantile, senile, sterile
-ive pensive, regressive, sedative
-ish greenish, selfish
-ful graceful, resentful, sinful
-less defenseless, relentless
-like homelike, zephyrlike
-ous analogous, hazardous, rigorous
-ious devious, tedious

                       3. Suffixes that indicate a verb:

-ate annihilate, compensate
-ify amplify, gratify, pacify
-ize burglarize, ostracize, subsidize

 4. Suffixes that indicate an adverb

-ly adroitly, astutely, complacently, defiantly, warily ... and many many more.
Added to adjectives this suffix makes most of the adverbs in the English language

NB Occasionally, the suffix -ly makes an adjective: comely, heavenly, homely, leisurely ...