An Ode to the Spelling Checker

(corrected version)

I have a spelling checker
It came with my PC
It plainly marks for my review
Mistakes I cannot see.

I ran this poem through it
Youíre sure real glad to know
Itís very polished in its way
My checker told me so.

My checker is a blessing
It frees you loads of time
It helps me right all styles to read
And aids me when I rhyme.

Each phrase composed upon my screen
I trust to be a jewel
The checker pour over every word
To check some spelling rule.

Before availing checkers
Our spelling might decline.
And it were lax or have a lapse
We would be made to whine.

But now because my spelling
Is checked with such great flair
There are no faults within my sight
Of none I am aware.

No spelling does now face me
It does now bring attire.
My papers all do gladden
With rapt words fair as here.

To write with care is quite a feat
Of which one should be proud
And we must do the best we can
So flaws are not allowed.

So you can see why I do praise
Such software for PCís
And why I break into a verse
By writing one to please.

Erik Moldrup