Common Greek Prefixes and Roots

Many Greek prefixes and roots have entered the English language via Latin/French, e.g.:

                         Greek                       English                                  examples

andr, anthrop man, mankind anthropoid
anti against antidote
arch, archi chief, first archbishop
astr, aster star asteroid
auto self autobiography
bi life biography
chrom color monochrome
chron time anachronism
crat, cracy rule, government democracy
crypt hide cryptic
cycl wheel, circle bicycle
dem people demagogue
epi upon epitaph
eu well, good euphony
ge earth geography
graph write autograph
homo same homogenous
hydr water hydrant
iso equal isobar
log speech, reason, word, study geology
metr, meter measure meter
micro small microscope
neo new neolithic
nom law economics
onym name pseudonym
ortho straight, correct orthodontist
path suffering, feeling sympathy
peri around, about perimeter
phil loving philatelist
phobia fear, dread claustrophobia
phon sound phonetics
phos, phot light telephoto
poli city police
poly many, much polysyllable
pose put, place impose
pseudo false pseudonym
syn (syl-, sym-, sy-) with, together synchronize 
tain hold detain (hold back)
techno, techn art technical
tele afar off telephone
therm heat thermal
zo animal zoo