CONJUNCTIONS - (bindeord: ord der sammenkæder ord/sætninger)

coordinating conjunctions (sammenkædende bindeord)
    sammenkæder ord el. udtryk/sætninger der har lige stor grammatisk vægt

and     (George and I attended the lesson)
but      (the man responded quickly but incorrectly)
for       (I burned my tongue, for the soup was still too hot to eat)
nor      (he will not listen, nor will he speak)
or        (I will go to Greece or to Spain)
so       (he seemed distressed, so we discussed the problem)
yet      (the steaks were tender, large, yet tasteless)

2) correlative conjunctions (samsvarende bindeord)
    bruges altid parvist i forb.m. ord/sætn.

both…      and            (both my brother and I love soccer)
either…    or               (either you go, or I go)
neither…  nor             (she neither laughed nor smiled at the joke)
not only…but also      (not only John was late, but also his brother)
whether…or               (whether it is true or (whether it is) false remains to be seen)

 3) subordinating conjunctions (underordnende bindeord)
indleder en bisætning og underordner den i forhold til en hovedsætning, fx:

after                      because                      lest (for at ikke)               till
although                before                         now that                          unless
as                          even if                        provided (såfremt)          until
as if                       even though                since                               when
as long as             how                             so that                             whenever
as much as           if                                  than                                where
as soon as            inasmuch as               that                                 wherever
as though              in order that                 though                            while


4)  conjunctive adverbs (biord der fungerer som overgang mellem sætninger)
                                      står ofte i begyndelsen af sætningen og ofte med komma efter sig, fx

accordingly                         finally                                     nevertheless                         thus
again                                   further(more)                        on the other hand                  unlike              
also                                     however                                otherwise                              whereas
besides                               indeed                                  then                                      yet
consequently                      moreover                              therefore

5)  conjunctions and phrases that express chronology and/or importance:

in the beginning                similarly                               most important of all, ,, …
at first                               likewise                                most importantly
at the outset                     in the same manner            of greater importance
later on                                                                         of equal importance
in the end

Endvidere “opsamlende” ord som overgang til videre udvikling af tankegangen, fx:

foreshadowing this...
this mystery is solved when...
the suspense gradually ...

- udtrykker følelser som glæde, frygt, smerte, overraskelse (+ komma)

ah                      dear                     hey                   ouch                   well                      wow
aha                    gee                      hurray              psst                    whew                   Yeah
alas                   goodness            oh                     tsk                      whoa