SUBJECT and VERB  AGREEMENT (Danish: kongruens )

Study this test and see if you can find the correct form of the verb - answers below

1. Water, green, and shade - those was/were the three major factors in Arab life.
2. These is/are the main ingredients: water, flour, and yeast.
3. Bread and butter was/were all they offered to us.
4. Every diagram and chart was/were drawn with precision.
5. The number of incidents has/have been increasing.
6. A number of books is/are still lying on the floor.
7. Half of the hamsters was/were rejected by their mother.
8. Neither of the boys is/are able to swim the distance.
9. The audience is/are restless.
10. The audience is/are discussing why the concert was stopped.
11. Two dollars is/are far too much.
12. The two dollars is/are both of silver.
13. Spaghetti and meatballs is/are my favourite dish.
14. Spaghetti and meatballs is/are the major ingredients of a favourite dish.
15. Four tablespoons of salt has/have made the soup inedible.
16. Three fourths of that nation is/are impoverished.
17. Twenty dollars includes/include the price of breakfast.
18. The black trousers is/are more appropriate.
19. Under the glittering Christmas tree there was/were: a twirling red top, a
      blue bicycle, a black cocker spaniel, and two gaily dressed dolls.
20. Neither the manager nor the cashier has/have any ideas.
21. Every teacher and student wants/want to be at the meeting.
22. Either Hank or I is/are/am going to pitch in the opening game.
23. Shakespeare's works is/are known all over the world.
24. The Complete Works of Shakespeare is/are a heavy book.
25. His family is/are all dentists.
26. Neither his debt nor his failures was/were enough to keep him from going on experimenting.
27.  Neither his skills nor his stamina is/are enough to earn him a permanent position on the team.
28. The motto and guiding idea is/are ...
29. There is/are many reasons why ...

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